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To preserve and convey cultural heritage

We live in a visual age where we are constantly surrounded by images that directly and indirectly shape us as human beings. The deceased photographer, Lars Tunbjörk is one of the greatest photographers and writers from the Swedish people’s movement. With seriousness and humor, he documented social progress before they became evident to most. In this project, the public will have access to Tunbjörk’s rich world of images that showcase his unique perspectives on contemporary society and our existence.

Part of the project is an educational program that teaches participants how to communicate through imagery. It is not about taking pictures like Tunbjörk, but rather seeing and interpreting life through your own eyes. A selection of the participants’ photographs will be collected and displayed in a final exhibition.

What the project delivers

A method for preserving a lifetime of photographic work, the establishment of the Lars Tunbjörk Center, touring exhibitions, educational programs, and exhibitions of participant photography.

Why we support this project

Lars Tunbjörk’s artistry helps viewers understand, critically review, and discuss photography – which is more important today than ever before.

Project time status


This project started in October 2017 and ended in September 2019