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Developing Sport as Means to Promote Social Change

Using sport is an effective approach to addressing extreme poverty, inequality and climate change. The Beyond Sport Foundation raises awareness of and provides support and funding to various organizations using sport to promote positive social change. In this project, they will focus on four sport organizations that, besides their regular activities, focus on equality, health, innovation and peace. The selected organizations will receive the tools needed, such as strategic and communicative support, to scale up their work and make a greater impact.

What the project delivers

Capacity-building of sport organizations that promote social change, as well as implementation of communications initiatives on the role of sport in achieving the SDGs.

Why we support this project

Different types of organizations need to get involved in finding solutions to global challenges in order to be successful in implementing the SDGs. Thus, developing sport as means to promote social change is very important.

Project time status


This project started in April 2018 and ended in October 2019

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